Wedding bloggers are raging over this…

…and they have good reason to

Wedding bloggers are always trying to find new ways to make a wedding absolutely perfect.

Say hello to 2017’s hot topic in the wedding world – Snapchat geofilters. They’re graphic overlays on your Snapchat photos that can only be used at that location. After you take the photo, you can share it out to all your friends (and your friends can use it too).

You will find people talking about them on blogs, Snapchat, Instagram, and every other corner of the internet. The internet is raging about something that should’ve been invented years ago!

They are all the rage right now because of their ability to personalize a wedding for social media.

Here’s why:

  • A hashtag will likely be filled with other weddings, a Facebook group will get cluttered, but a Snapchat story is intimate
  • You’re spending tens of thousands on a wedding, but not completing it with a Snapchat filter?
  • Your friends will be stepping up their social media game – with their super swagged out Snapchat stories for the day!
  • Seriously – is there anything cuter than flowers, couples, and emojis?!
  • There’s no better way to say congrats
Christy & Matt's wedding

Don’t worry – we do all the heavy lifting

Did we mention they are super easy to get? We’ve created tons of geofilters for our clients and we’ve received nothing but positive feedback. At Snap Filter Studios, we pride ourselves on giving you enough revisions until you know it’s perfect. Once it’s perfect, we send it over for Snapchat’s approval and schedule it so it’s ready for the big day.

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