Implications of Snapchat geofilters and Pokemon Go

Everyone loves Pokemon Go!

We’ve all heard of the new craze called Pokémon Go. Every kid on every block is playing it. Teenagers are playing it too. I’ve also seen parents and adults playing it too. What does this mean for your business?

Pokemon Go can be used to grow your business. I will demonstrate with an example. Meet George… he is the owner of Juicy Burgerz. He is a very lucky man, because his restaurant is a Pokéstop. Everyday, he sees hundreds of people stop right in front of Juicy Burger Canada to collect their items from the Pokéstop on Pokémon Go. He’s been anticipating an increase in customers as a result, but hasn’t noticed any difference in traffic inside the store.

The mistake he’s making here is that he isn’t taking advantage of the added traffic!

In this situation we would advise George to apply an offer that can be claimed if you use his Snapchat geofilter – because millennials are all over Snapchat right now!

For example, show us your Juicy Burgerz snap and receive 10% off your order.

What else would you recommend for George? Let us know in the comment section!