3 reasons why your company needs a custom Snapchat geofilter

1. All eyes are on you

If your company doesn’t have a presence on Snapchat yet, today is the perfect day to start. User engagement and attention with Snapchat is extremely high since the app is continuously growing and has become massive player in the social media market. When someone opens a Snapchat story, they are paying full attention for those 10 seconds.

Is there a better place to have your logo?

In 2008 Facebook ads had a ridiculous ROI, but times have changed and you must embrace this change to benefit your company in the long run. If you have the chance to have your brand exposed to thousands of receptive eyes, you should take it. There are no ad-blockers in the Snapchat world!

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2. It’s way too easy to get one

Once you come up with a creative idea for what you want your geofilter to look like, it’s incredibly simple to get it up and running. Just fill out the form below and we’ll handle everything for you. Don’t worry, we work alongside you to make sure the result is exactly what you were hoping for! We offer solutions for all business sizes, so we can suit your needs while staying within your budget.

Are you the owner of a small business? Are you a marketing manager at a mid-size company? We have a solution for you. Are you the VP of Marketing at a large company? We have a solution for you too. We want your brand to get thousands of views without going over your budget.

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3. The market is not saturated yet

Think back to Google Adwords in 2002, which was getting unbelievable results for pennies. That’s the stage we’re in with Snapchat geofilters. Those who have already taken advantage of geofilters are receiving thousands of impressions for just a few dollars a day. Establish yourself as a leader in your industry by getting a geofilter before everyone else does. Here at Snap Filter Studios we specialize in providing you with premium designs AND the results of your campaign after you’re finished. You can see exactly how many impressions you made with your geofilter.

If this sounds like an opportunity that could supercharge your business, just fill out the form below because we’d like to talk to you! As businesses explore new marketing channels, Snapchat geofilters will eventually become saturated and lose some of their impact. But as of right now, we are in Snapchat geofilter prime time. 

Are you ready to take advantage of Snapchat geofilter prime time?
Let us know below.